Frequently Asked Questions

Lawn & Landscaping Services

How often do you mow?

Once Per Week

Do you offer per mow services?

We do offer a per-mow option. Give us a call and we’ll give you all the details.

Septic Services

How often should a septic be pumped?

Every 2 to 3 years. But other factors like uses, number of people in the house etc play a factor.

How do I know if my septic is working prooperly?

 If there is not smell or water to the surface then septic is working.

Driveway Sealing Services

How often should your driveway be sealed?

Every 2 years is recommended to keep down the possibility of water and erosion of your driveway.

Do you do crack repair?

We do! Give us a call or shoot us a message and we can give you more information and next steps.

Snow Plowing Services

How many inches of snow before you plow?

Plowing begins when there is 3 inches of snow

What happens if the lawn is torn up from plowing?

This is an extra service that we do offer. Please call or email us for more details.

Contract & Billing Questions

Who do I call if I have a billing question?

Please call (315) 414-6085 or email us at info@boblightaul.com 

Who do I call if I have a service question?

Please call (315) 414-6085 or email us at info@boblightaul.com 

Can I choose my bill date?

When we do your quote, we will discuss billing options and dates with you.

Is there a pre-pay discount?

We will provide you billing options with your quote for sure.

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Don't let snow and ice be a source of stress during the winter months. Boblightaul Lawn and Snow is here to take care of all your snow removal needs. Contact us today for a free quote and enjoy a hassle-free lawn or snow maintenance.

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